NFL Week 1: WE TOLD YOU SO! (sample story)

We never like to gloat, especially in the face of potential lost money, but facts are facts. Last week in our blog we talked about how no one really has enough solid information heading into Week 1 of the NFL season to provide truly confident wagering selections that you should trust. In hindsight, we were right. But instead of saying, "We told you so," we will just continue to do what we do and invite you to come over to this side of the sports wagering world, where the customer comes first and risk and emotion are taken out of the equation. Hopefully you took our advice and stayed away Week 1, and if you did maybe you should take the money you saved and join us now for some FREE MLB picks

THE NFL IS BACK! So why are we not shouting and screaming at you?

We have one simple question for you: Do you bet on sporting events to lose money? We would like to think that any reasonable, sane person would answer that question with a resounding “NO!” But, what if we asked that same person this question: Do you bet on games during the first week of the NFL season? The likely response to that question would be, “What are you nuts? Of course I do. I’ve waited six months for the NFL to start up again.” Go back and read through the questions and answers then ask yourself, “Would I bet $100 or $500 or $1,000 on a coin flip?” Unless you are made of money or just don’t value money in the least, the answer to that question would be, again, a resounding “NO!”

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