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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this legal?
A: Gaming laws vary from state to state and country to country. Please check your local regulations on gambling. We offer information/advice for entertainment purposes only for those who live in a state and/or country where gambling is illegal.

Q: What is your pricing structure?
A: Our pricing structure varies, and we often run specials. Please CLICK HERE for the latest pricing of packages and special offers. 

Q: What are the tax implications?
A: All income earnings are solely the responsibility of the individual to report to any local, state or national government tax agencies.

Q: What is the balance needed for an account?
A: We do not handle any funds. We only provide information. There is no set number number needed for a balance, obviously the higher the balance the higher the return. However, it is a good rule of thumb to allocate 100% of your principle at first. Hopefully after around 3-4 months, you will not tap into the original principle, but instead will be using the earnings. Set a bankroll for your bets that you can afford and never bet more than you can afford to lose. 

If you think you may have a gambling problem, please CLICK HERE to seek help or call


Q: Can I expect selections daily?
A: Not always! We only release the picks we are most confident about. Part of what we provide is the discipline not to send our clients just any pick that looks good without fully investigating it. If our best picks win between 60 and 65 percent of the time, why would we want to send out something that may not be our best. This is a MARATHON not a sprint!

Q: What do the suggested units to bet mean?
A: Since everyone is different and we don't know what your allocated bankroll is or what you are willing to bet on a given day, we suggest you determine an average amount you would like to win on one bet. This may be $25, $50, $100 or $1000 depending on your economic standing and what you are willing and able to risk.


We generally are "one unit" bettors, so if we give you a pick with no suggested amount to bet, you can assume it is a one-unit bet. If we are supremely confident, we might recommend betting two, three or more units. All this means is that you bet to win that many times your normal amount. So if you usually try to win $50 for a bet, when we suggest two units you would bet the amount it takes to win $100 for that bet. Three units would mean you can bet any amount up to whatever it takes to win $150.


Likewise, if we are less confident, we may recommend a 1/2 unit bet. If you prefer, you can base the units on what you are willing and able to bet instead of what you hope to win. So one unit might be a $50 bet to win whatever the odds may dictate. In that example, two units would be a $100 bet. Three would be $150 and so forth. 

Q: How far in advance will I receive notification will I receive the selection?
A: We will do our best to get you any selections at least one hour prior to a game's scheduled starting time. It is important that we get all imperative information before giving out picks, so sometimes it may be closer to game time that an hour, but if it gets too tight we may avoid sending out the pick altogether or give you all the info we have and let you decide. 

Q: Do I need to remember to renew my membership on my anniversary date?
A: This depends on your membership with us. We will make sure the lines of communication are open so that you are notified if you do not an account that renews automatically. Please note that there are NO REFUNDS of any type.

Q: I am unable to get the same odds as you suggested; is that okay?
A: As long as they are close that should not be an issue, however if your odds seem to be considerably different from what we posted please contact us ASAP - and sometimes we actually will tell you to only place a bet if the odds are within certain parameters. 

Q: Can I risk more or less than the suggested percentage?
A: Yes you can, but it is NOT recommended. Stick with a one-unit bet unless we inform you otherwise. 

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: We to not issue refunds of any kind. Please refer to our Terms of Service.

Q: Can I sign up at anytime?
A: Of course, it does not matter when you sign up. 

Q: What sports do you provide information for?
A: Currently we specialize in NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA basketball picks, but at times we do get good enough information to send out an NBA or NCAA football selection as well. 

Q: Is there any delay on selections when a season starts?
A: Yes, there can be. We are not action seekers and do not advocate betting just because there are games. We will NEVER provide selections for preseason, exhibition or all-star games. In order for us to have enough information to feel comfortable recommending selections with the level of confidence our brand stands for, we often have to wait for a particular season to be a few weeks old before we send out recommended picks. However, no matter what we will provide any information we have to help you if you are interested in placing early season bets ... we just are less likely to send out actual picks until we have more data available. 

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