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About SportsPickMagic

SportsPickMagic was formed because of a void and a need that has arisen in the sports gaming industry.


With more than a dozen states having ratified legal sports wagering within their borders - and many more expected to do the same over the next few years - a business that had surpassed $10 billion annually during the summer of 2019 continues to grow daily. While legalization is exciting for those of us who have had an interest in sports betting and eliminates the stigma of partaking, it also is an open invitation for more unscrupulous characters to enter the industy in hopes of taking advantage of the inexperienced newcomers flooding the market with new money. 

At SportsPickMagic we pride ourselves on quality through our honesty, integrity and unmatched customer service combined with a truly unique combination of experience in the college and professional sports industry, unmatched sources and contacts within the sports world and a unique approach to sports handicapping. Information is king when it comes to sports wagering, and our goal is to become a top source of information within the industry and to give you all the tools you need to be successful.


Over the years we've worked with handicappers, numbers guys with algorithms and insiders. None of these approaches is perfect, so we decided to connect the best of all worlds and work in conjunction with experts and insiders from all sides of the industry to give YOU, the customer, the best possible chance to win.

Remember, all those pretty building in Vegas weren't built because the sportsbooks and casinos were losing. No one is going to win 100 percent of the time. Hell, no one is going to win 70 percent of the time, and anyone promising you those types of numbers and charing you through the nose is just not being honest. We feel that with our approach, combined with our advice on money management and discipline, we can provide you with winning advice 60% of the time - which can make you a lot of money if you stick with us.

We wanted to make sure that our approach would indeed produce the expected results before launching our site. In September 2019 we started documenting NFL picks through participation in a national Pick Six contest. Our founder, Gerry Love, began making documented picks on Twitter and via The Action Network in November 2019.


Our 2019 Numbers

NFL Season: 69-44-2 (60%)

NFL last 30 days of 2019: 27-9-1 (75%)

Overall last 30 days of 2019: 53-31-1 (63%)

NBA: 2-2

NCAA FB: 1-0

NCAA BB: 12-12

NHL: 12-8

We opened 2020 on fire, too, going 5-0 on New Year's day to bring our recent streak to 15-5 overall and improve our NBA numbers to 3-2, NCAA BB to 14-12 and NHL to 14-8. You'll notice that some of our numbers are off the charts and some are so-so. We are continuing to tweak our systems and approach and are confident given our upward trends in all areas - especially our improvement over the course of the season in the NFL - that we are on the right path. 

Our Three Customer Guarantees

1. Transparency

For better or worse you'll know how we are doing. We are always working to get better for our customers, so we have no problem showing our successes and our failures. Companies that rest on their laurels and don't constantly work to improve and provide you with better information are going to get left behind and ultimately fail you. And if they are just spouting off random picks with no results or information to back them up, they are likely frauds who will disappear when things go sideways. You can go back and find all our picks on Twitter, and our 2019 NFL picks are documented as part of a national contest. 

2. Accessibility via unmatched customer service and education

We won't give out as many picks as some folks. It's our job to be your eyes and ears since you don't have the time to invest into this that we do, and we want to help you understand how important discipline is if you want to ensure a strong return on investment. If our best picks are in the 60-65 percent range, and that is our goal, why would we jeopardize our reputation or your money by giving out less than our best just to have action on the games?


We may provide information about other games - or late-breaking information on a game that we don't have time to handicap - to help you if you want to try handicapping on your own or in case you are looking for more action, but if we give out a game as a recommended pick, that means it's one for which we have done all of our due diligence and that we have our utmost confidence in. That said, understand that if our "top" picks hit at 60% we are killing it. We won't try to capitalize on a hot streak by just picking more games without putting in the work on those games, and we likewise won't throw out picks just to make up for a bad day. Remember to only bet within your means, only bet when you are confident and don't try to play catch up in one day. Manage your money wisely. Once you get to a certain ROI, put the initial money you started with away and only wager with your winnings.


Know what you can afford to lose and what you are WILLING to lose before you start. What you are willing to lose can't be more than what you can afford to lose. As part of our "top-notch" customer service we provide email access to our staff at any time to help you with money management or other questions. In general, we are "1 unit" bettors, which means that we have an amount that we are comfortable betting consistently with our best picks (the unit being the amount we intend to win on a bet). However, if we are VERY confident on a specific bet we may recommend 2 units or 3 units, etc. For example, if you have determined that you are going to try to win $50 with every bet, a two-unit pick means that you would bet whatever amount is necessary to win $100 - or twice the normal amount - with that bet. 

3. We know what we know AND what we don't know

We believe that anyone who touts themselves as an expert at everything is really an expert at nothing.


Our areas of expertise:

  • National Football League

  • Mid-major NCAA Basketball

  • National Hockey League

  • Major League Baseball

Those are our areas of focus, however we do get sold information for college football and the National Basketball Association and will provide picks for those sports as well. If you see a pick from us in one of those genres you can assume we have what we feel is VERY strong information. 

As we continually try to improve our performance and customer service, we never stop looking to build our network and are always looking to partner with true experts who share the same philosophies, levels of professionalism and commitment to the customer that we possess.


Our ultimate goal is to be the No. 1 source of information for sports bettors when it comes to any sport at any level. But we won't pretend to be anything that what we are until we have the combination of experts and information sources in the areas that we do not consider strengths. 

Professional Resume

  • 25-plus years experience in the sports industry at the college & professional levels

  • 15 years experience at the NCAA Division I level

  • Sports experience: sports information, communications, PR, marketing & business development

  • Published author

  • National sports blogger and professional sportswriter 

  • Digital media & marketing consultant - specializes in developing web content

  • Highly successful fantasy football player on a national level - cash payouts several years running

  • DFS expert and nationally successful for NHL & NFL

  • Finished 44th out of 800 competitors in national NFL Pick 6 (picking vs. spread) contest 2019

  • Former marketing consultant for professional athletes

  • Three years in sports gambling industry working with a business that had a 10-year record of picking NBA, NFL and MLB winners at nearly a 65-percent success rate

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