How SportsPickMagic is Different

When you are in the sports handicapping biz (we are, but we're different), it's all about the hype. ​​

Five-star picks, 50-star picks, locks of the week, stone-cold winners, amazing results that aren't documented, submitting two different picks to customers for the same game and claiming victory no matter what. There are many methods to the madness, but at the end of the day the hype really is meant to distract you, the customer, from the fact that sports gambling is a losing proposition for the majority of people who partake.

Yes, it's a losing proposition even for most of the guys yelling and screaming on YouTube and Tweeting about their 75-percent winning percentages over long periods of time. Sports wagering isn't set up for anyone to win at that rate over the long term. Vegas isn't going out of business anytime soon, and that's not because it is losing with regularity. If you are seeing claims that indicate winning percentages even in the the high 60s over extended periods of time, as a customer or potential customer you have every right to question those numbers and ask for documentation. In fact, you owe it to yourself to do so, and we can guarantee you that if they aren't documenting the results for you without your asking, they are likely full of it.

The only difference between those guys and the average sport bettor? They ARE making money, but it's off of you and not off of their bets. There's no doubt that someone can get on a hot streak and kill it for a few weeks, a month or even a few months. And as a potential customer it is really easy to get caught up in that and jump on board and pay the guy on the hot streak in hopes it continues.

But if you do that, if you make that knee-jerk decision to jump on board with someone else's hot streak, then hope is all you really have. And based on history and the fact that Vegas and the sports gambling industry are raking in more money than ever before (it's a TRILLION-dollar business worldwide), the reality is that EVERYONE who is GAMBLING will come back to earth. It all evens out; actually, it doesn't even out. It always swings back to the side of the bookies or the sports books. It has to, or they wouldn't be in business.

The reality is that YOU have just as much chance of going on a short hot streak as anyone who is touting picks without any scientific information or system backing them up. These guys are trying to make money off of you. Just like the average GAMBLER, they are fueled by the desire to make money and make up for losses, competitive juices and emotion. To be successful over the long run you have to be able to take a good deal of the the emotion and those conflicting elements out of the decision-making process. It comes down to discipline and putting yourself in the best possible position to win.

Losing 40-45 percent of the time over the long term still makes you a winner if you are disciplined. Is your skin thick enough to handle that? Are you sure you aren't going to double your bet on the next game of the day every time you lose a tough one? That's the quickest way to disaster. That's the most important way we are different at SportsPickMagic.

We take the best of all worlds and try to combine them into one system that gives us - and you - the the highest probability of winning. There are no guarantees in this businesses. By "winning" we mean that our goal is to provide you with winners 60 percent or slightly more of the time over the long term and to only provide you with picks that give you the best chance of doing that and seeing a positive ROI. That means we don't deal in volume. It's quality over quantity.

No "system" is perfect. No mathematical algorithm or equation is foolproof, although some are much more reliable than others and they do take the emotion and human subjective element out of it. No one source of information or one statistic or group of statistics is 100 percent accurate. No person or system or mathematical equation is going to win for you 70, 75 or 80 percent of the time. But if we can do the dirty work and spend the time it takes by finding the combination of math, stats, inside information, trends and other pertinent influencers to give you the best possible chance of winning - and in turn only provide you with picks on the games we have the most confidence in - we feel that we will put you in the best position to win of anyone out there giving away or selling information right now.

So who are we and why should you trust us?

Like anyone, we can throw out a bunch of claims and make a ton of promises that may or may not come true and pray that we hit a certain number. But that's not sustainable, and with gambling now legal in more than a dozen states - and with many other states set to come on board in the near future - we feel strongly that the time is now for us to use our different approach to build something that can carry us, our families and anyone else who wants to jump on board with ROIs that easily eclipse expected returns from traditional investment platforms on an annual basis.

We feel that this can be a life-changing opportunity for everyone involved, and we don't take that lightly, just like we don't take your business for granted. Understand that as we try to create something that can help us take care of our kids and our kids' kids financially for the long term, we are not going to do anything to jeopardize them or their futures. That means anyone who comes on board with us is going to be treated like family. Without you we are nothing. When you win, we win.

There is plenty of money to go around in this trillion-dollar industry, so why we can't we all get a life-altering piece of that? We are more than prepared to share in the winnings and share in the profits. We are excited and happy to give those who take the leap of faith with us opportunities to make more money by bringing us customers and to share in any business they help generate in perpetuity.

Sports gambling has been a borderline illegal and sketchy business for as long as sports have existed. It is known for attracting an untrustworthy and unsavory element. If you weren't scamming, you weren't trying. If there were 50 tout publications or websites out there, they might have been owned by the same group of five people who were providing different information to different - and sometimes the same - people via toll-free or 900 phone numbers, their publications, radio or television programs and later the internet and social media. They weren't putting in any kind of effort, doing any homework or truly picking winners based on any concrete information. Instead they were making easy money off of desperate people. Their "locks of the week" likely varied from from platform to platform and customer to customer.

If you give out 100 correct picks and 100 incorrect picks for the same game guess what? You have 100 happy customers who are likely to tell others about their success and bring in more customers. You'll have other customers who give you a second, third and fourth chance. In addition the marketing barrage these "experts" unleashed on the public every week surely generated large numbers of new leads and customers - and probably still does.

These guys weren't actually betting themselves. What idiot would do that? Nope. Instead they were taking the sure thing and making money off of people who more often than not were losing money. Vegas didn't build all those big buildings by losing regularly at table games or sports wagering.

The Supreme Court and state governments are giving this lucrative business credibility, and with the current and projected continued explosion of the industry, more and more newbies are going to be joining the fray - unarmed and unaware of the pitfalls and traps that await them, thinking that what that their bank of knowledge built through years of watching sports will carry them to to financial windfalls.

You may be one of those newcomers, and if you are we want to welcome you to this new and exciting frontier. There is no doubt that having a little money bet on your favorite football teams every Saturday or Sunday can make life a little more exciting. The same can be said for throwing a few coins on a game that otherwise means nothing to you. Oh, and there's a good Monday night game, so it sure would be fun to throw a few bucks down on that, right? Then there's the Thursday game. Oh, and the MAC plays on Wednesdays; that would be fun to watch if it meant something. Friday night Big 10? Count me in. Let's go!

Do you see what I'm getting at? While throwing money around to make some games more exciting to watch can be fun, it also can lead to a quick downward spiral. A few wins here and there can lead to bigger bets and more bets, with the losses that are sure to eventually come digging a hole that either gets deeper or becomes downright impossible to climb out of. That next bet or a bigger bet and a few wins surely will get you back on track and on the road to making a big profit, right? Not likely.

That's the bad news. Want to hear the good news?

If you are smart and disciplined about how you go about wagering on sporting events, you only have to win between 55 and 60 percent of the time over the long term to realize a nice ROI. After years of dabbling, studying, testing, networking and observing, we harbor no doubt that this type of success rate is attainable over the long term and that sports betting can and will become a more lucrative investment opportunity than the stock market, retirement accounts and most of the other traditional investment platforms we have been told to trust.

That said, nothing in life - particularly money and financial security - comes easily. While it can be fun to use your knowledge of professional and college sports to prove that you know more than the next guy and to make a little extra cash, wouldn't it be more fun to work with experts who can help you maximize your chances of winning and potentially the types of financial returns you have always dreamed of? Either way, you've got money on the game, so the excitement and interest level in any game you wager on is going to ramp up. So if that's the case, why not maximize your chances of winning at the same time? Playing is fun. Winning is so much more fun.

You don't have the time to do the research that we will do. You don't have the network and connections we have built over the past 25 years working in the sports industry at the college and professional levels. You haven't worked with folks who have put together an algorithm that has spit out professional sports winners at better than a 60-percent clip over a span of more than 10 years (only for a handful of picks here and there that they are willing to give out, though).

While we may spend hours handicapping a game and gathering information from as may sources as possible right up until the last minute, you are likely to combine your knowledge as a sports fan with a 15-minute lunchtime scan of the internet for information about a particular game and come up with a pick or two you feel good about. And remember that "fan" is short for "fanatic," so you are going to have inherent biases in favor or against certain teams that may cause you to lean one way or another no matter what the facts may tell you.

We are all fans, too, but this is a business, and if we are going to be successful and make our customers happy and make money for everyone involved, we have to throw all biases out. This isn't about pride or making a few dollars when our favorite teams win. This is about building a loyal and thriving customer base and reaping the financial benefits together. The truth is, "When you win, we win," and that is our company motto.

I know if you are reading this you likely consider yourself a sports expert. We feel the same way, but we can tell you that until we learned about the ins and outs of the business - how lines are set and why they move; why some lines look so easy to beat and always seem to crush you; how to be disciplined and minimize risk; how parlays, teasers and all those fun things are set up to make a killing on the average bettorr who doesn't do research; etc. - we were getting crushed. It wasn't happening all at once. We were knowledgeable enough to win enough to keep us coming back for more and we would go on some nice runs that would make us feel like we where profitable, but over time the losses added up and we lost far more than we won when you added up the dollars and cents.

That's when we realized that we weren't using every possible bit of information and the contacts we had literally at our fingertips to maximize our chances of winning. An introduction to algorithms and the concept of exercising extreme discipline and only wagering on games that gave off the strongest signals helped us understand the concept of quality over quantity. Consistent losses on what appeared to be "locks of the year" led us to investigate traps, sharp line movement and the concept that the sportsbooks are all about maximizing their chances of winning.

If they can do it, why can't we?

Well, the answer is that we can as long as the due diligence is done and the proper discipline is in place. And as smart as the bookmakers are, they do have weaknesses and there are truly bad lines to be found betting on levels, teams and leagues that don't generate as much interest and aren't under as much scrutiny as the NFL, NBA and MLB. Being aware of those potential situations, knowing where to look for them and having experience and a network that can lead us to them maximizes our chances of winning.

And when we win, you win. Just like when you win, we win.

We aren't here to take your money, get rich quick and burn bridges. There are no true get-rich-quick schemes in life. In this day and age of instant gratification, fast-flowing information and social media, it only takes a few angry, mistreated customers to spread the word about you and put you out of business forever. It's one thing to be honest and straightforward and fail at business. It's yet another to fail because you made a lot of money at the expense of others and earned a terrible reputation from which you never recover. That's how SportsPickMagic is different. We are all in this together. We are not rich guys looking to get richer off of you. We've worked long and hard to build relationships and our reputations and will be down in the trenches with you, betting on games, sweating out close winners and agonizing over the bad beats.

Remember, when you win, we win. And when you lose, we take it personally and vow to put in more time and energy to make it right the next time. And the time after that.

Our promise to you is that we will never take you for granted, we are willing to share in the successes and that we will never stop working and tweaking things to ensure that you truly feel any money you spend with us is well spent.

We're not going to be right 75 percent of the time. There are no 100-star locks of the year. We probably aren't going to be right 65 percent of the time.

No BS here. Stick with us. Stay the course. Refer us to others if you are happy, and we'll be happy to share our success with you. Let us roll up our sleeves and put the time in so you can have all the fun of watching games you've invested in without the guilt of wondering if you've thrown you or your family's money away on a whim or for a quick thrill.

It isn't always going to work out. We guarantee that, too, but at least when it doesn't you'll know that you did everything in your power to maximize your chance of being successful, and we firmly believe you will win more often than you will lose if you follow our advice. That's all it takes.

We are aiming for a 60 percent success rate, not telling stories of outlandish winning percentages or asking for you to spend more money on picks than you would actually bet all the while handing out different picks for the same game to ensure customer retention.

We are just like you - guys looking to provide a little better financial future for ourselves, our families and our customers who happen to have the time, knowledge and network to maximize your chances of doing just that.

We stay the course, and by exercising discipline and only pursuing the very best opportunities over the long term, we should continue to be successful and make our clients money. Unlike the others out there who only care about THEIR money, we actually care about OUR CLIENTS.

Without our customers we have nothing, so instead of throwing out every single pick seems to have a high probability of winning, we always do our research and look for any red flags that tell us a game just may not be right. If it doesn't meet our criteria, even though it very well may turn out to be a winner, we won't send out the pick.

That's how we are different.

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