Week 14 NFL DFS Fantasy Football Value Analysis

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By Scotty P. - SPM Fantasy Staff

Well, we hit the “Super Value” jackpot in Week 3.

Baker Mayfield was our “Super Value” quarterback pick, and if you followed our advice and used him to leverage higher-priced, top-tier players at other positions, you likely found yourself in the big money – that is, if you followed our advice at other positions at well.

First, before we head into our NFL DFS Week 14 top value projections, though, a word on our “Super Value” selections in general. These players are priced very low and have a high probability of exceeding their value on a weekly basis. The point of selecting players like this – often as your WR3, Flex or TE picks – is to get more value for your dollar in that slot so you can pursue bigger-name, higher-priced players with high floors AND high upsides in other positions.

However, as Baker Mayfield showed us last week, going with a “Super Value” player who is undervalued and has a good matchup at the QB spot can lead you to the promised land if he produces like a QB1. This is not a strategy that you want to use to build all of your rosters, but it’s a smart way to go in a few weekly games for sure.

When you look at our projections, you will notice that you often don’t see names like Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Davante Adams, etc. That’s not because we don’t think you should select those players; those are the players who win you money, but they can’t win by themselves if they aren’t surrounded by players who provide solid support, too.

Our value selections are designed to provide you with the best bang for your buck so that you can select as many of the sure-to-produce Tier 1 guys as possible. When our value picks over-perform and your top players produce as expected, you’re in the money. When our value picks over-produce and your top guys go off, well then feel free to send us 10 percent of your winnings.

So, while you can have guys like Ryan Tannehill and Justin Herbert in your QB spots and be very successful pairing them with higher-priced Tier 1 players at WR1 and RB1, you also can go with a guy like Sam Darnold while surrounding him with a Davante Adams, a Tyreek Hill and a Derrick Henry. Or you can buy low at TE or Flex to accomplish the same goal.

One other thing to keep an eye out for is typical Tier 1 players who end up in our value projections. This can allow you to really stack a lineup with higher-end talent. For example, this week you’ll see names like Aaaron Jones, Ezekiel Elliott and Austin Ekeler on our lists as well as A.J. Brown, Keenan Allen and D.K. Metcalf. When you see the best players on a value list and they have an average or better matchup for the week, these are players you should be considering in almost all of your lineups.

Below please find our DFS value selections for FanDuel and DraftKings at each position as well as core lineup suggestions to consider on all your teams, value lineup suggestions and stacked lineup suggestions. Remember, these are Main Slate Sunday projections.

Good Luck!

Top DraftKings QB Value

1. Ryan Tannehill

2. Justin Herbert

3. Taysom Hill

4. Matt Ryan

5. Matthew Stafford

DrafKings Super Value QBs

1. Sam Darnold

2. Andy Dalton

Top FanDuel QB Value

1. Ryan Tannehill

2. Justin Herbert

3. Taysom Hill

4. DeShaun Watson

5. Tom Brady

6. Matt Ryan

7. Matthew Stafford

FanDuel Super Value QB

1. Sam Darnold

2. Andy Dalton

Top DraftKings RB1 Value

1. Aaron Jones

2. David Montgomery

3. Austin Ekeler

4. Ezekiel Elliott

5. Chris Carson

Top FanDuel RB1 Value

1. James Robinson

2. Aaron Jones

3. Austin Ekeler

4. Ezekiel Elliott

5. Chris Carson

Top DraftKings RB2 Value

1. Jonathan Taylor

2. Wayne Gallman

3. Kenyan Drake

4. Ronald Jones

5. Melvin Gordon

6. Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Top FanDuel RB2 Value

1. David Montgomery

2. Jonathan Taylor

3. Mike Davis

4. Wayne Gallman

5. Ronald Jones

6. Kenyan Drake

7. Melvin Gordon

DraftKings & FanDuel Super Value Flex RB

1. JD McKissic

2. Giovanni Bernard

3. Clyde Edwards-Helaire – FD Only

4. Ty Johnson

5. Nyheim Hines

6. Todd Gurley (monitor health)

Top DraftKings WR1 Value

1. AJ Brown

2. Keenan Allen

3. Adam Thielen

4. Justin Jefferson

5. Allen Robinson

6. Chris Godwin

Top FanDuel WR1 Value

1. DK Metcalf

2. Keenan Allen

3. AJ Brown

4. Allen Robinson

5. Adam Thielen

6. Justin Jefferson

Top DraftKings WR2 Value

1. Corey Davis

2. Marvin Jones Jr.

3. Robby Anderson

4. Jamison Crowder (if healthy)

5. Antonio Brown

6. DJ Chark

Top FanDuel WR2 Value

1. Amari Cooper

2. Corey Davis

3. Robby Anderson

4. Marvin Jones

5. Jamison Crowser (if healthy)

6. Antonio Brown

7. Tyler Boyd

WR3/Flex Value WR Plays FD & DK

1. Tyler Boyd – DK Only

2. TY Hilton

3. Sterling Shepard – DK

4. Nelson Agholor – DK

5. Michael Pittman Jr. – DK & FD

6. Tee Higgins – DK & FD

Super Value Flex WR Value Plays FD & DK

1. Michael Gallup – DK Only

2. Breshad Perriman – DK & FD

Top DraftKings TE Value Plays

1. Hunter Henry

2. Robert Tonyan

3. Rob Gronkowski

4. Mike Gesicki

5. Noah Fant

Top FanDuel TE Value Plays

1. Hunter Henry

2. Robert Tonyan

3. Rob Gronkowski

4. Mike Gesicki

5. Noah Fant

Super Value TE Plays

1. Dalton Schultz

2. Jordan Reed

3. Jordan Akins

Week 13 Suggested Core Players & Lineups

DraftKings Players to Consider in All Lineups

RB – Aaron Jones, WR – Keenan Allen, Flex – JD McKissic, D – Cowboys

FanDuel Players to Consider in All Lineups

RB – James Robinson, WR – DK Metcalf, Flex – JD McKissic, D – Panthers

DraftKings Value Lineup

QB – Justin Herbert

RB – Aaron Jones

RB – David Montgomery

WR – Keenan Allen

WR – Breshad Perriman

WR – Marvin Jones Jr.

TE – Hunter Henry

Flex – JD McKissic

D – Cowboys

FanDuel Value Lineup

QB – Ryan Tannehill

RB – James Robinsoin

RB – Austin Ekeler

WR – DK Metcalf

WR – Corey Davis

WR – Robby Anderson

TE – Robert Tonyan

Flex – JD McKissic

D – Panthers

DraftKings Stacked Lineup

QB – Aaron Rodgers

RB – Aaron Jones

RB – Jonathan Taylor

WR – Davante Adams

WR – Corey Davis

WR – Tyler Boyd

TE – Jordan Akins

Flex – Breshad Perriman

D – Cowboys

FanDuel Stacked Lineup

QB – Russell Wilson

RB – Wayne Gallman

RB – David Montgomery

WR – DK Metcalf

WR – Keenan Allen

WR – Allen Robinson

TE – Travis Kelce

Flex – JD McKissic

D – Washington

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