MLB Wagering - Watch Out for This!

At SportsPickLogic we take so many variables, statistics and and other types of information into account before giving out recommended MLB picks that it would make your head spin. And sometimes, even when it produces what appears to be a strong pick, some of the information we evaluate produces information that tells us we can’t recommend a pick. Occasionally the pick is still strong enough to be one of second-level picks, but many times in our ongoing attempt to look out for our customers, we will stay away altogether. Some red flags that we look for when handing out selections include: Runners Left on Base A team that is leaving a high number of runners on base, especially if those runners

Why No Weekend Picks?

It's been well documented that our picks are hot. On fire, really. From Friday, Aug. 11, through Friday, Aug. 18, our top-level recommended picks were a perfect 7-0. Including our second-level, high-probability win picks, we had nailed 11 of our previous 12 selections. The gambler would beg for more: "Keep it rolling. We're hot. Gotta capitalize," he or she might say. And you might say the same thing and wonder why we had no picks over the weekend. Remember, we are not gamblers. We are in business of trying to maximize your odds of winning at all times. Our mission is to make you, the customer, a sizable return on your investment over the long term. A great week here and there certainly make

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